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Welcome to Jubilee 101. Here you will find a wealth of simple living/homesteading educational/instructional material literally at your fingertips. We have spent hundreds of hours gathering this information from google searches,,,, and*. The original intent of this project was to create a library of useful living skills and ideas for our own use but we soon realized that there are many of you out there that seek a similar lifestyle change so we built this website to share with other like-minded souls. There are currently over 2500 pdf books on over 100 topics. Most of the books are DIY projects and are geared for the simple living/homesteading lifestyle. To view the entire list of topics please visit the homepage at If you would like a copy of the entire collection of over 2500 pdf books they come on two DVD’s (over 8 GB of info). To cover our time and costs of copying and shipping them we charge $19.99 to the US and $26.99 to international destinations. You can order them with a debit/credit card through PayPal by clicking the link below. ENJOY!!!

Companion Planting and Wildcrafting – 14pages

Development of Good Wildcrafting Practices – 119pages

Edible and Medicinal Plants – 112pages

Edible and Medicinal Plants of North Idaho – 19pages

Edible Medicinal and Utilitarian Plants – 24pages

Ethical Wildcrafting – 7pages

Harvested Hunted and Homegrown – 27pages

Herbs in Medicine – 41pages

Native American Herbal Plant Knowledge – 331pages

Plant Medicines and Shamanic Healings – 4pages

Plants for Life – Medicinal Plant Conservation – 50pages

Spring Plants for Medicine and Food – 5pages

Sustainable Harvest – Approaching Wildcrafting with Knowledge and Intent – 20pages

Ten Appalachian Wild Medicinal Plants – 8pages

The Art of Locally Grown and Wildcrafted Tea – 11pages

The Industry of Wildcrafting – 5pages

The Sacred Science – 29pages

The Spiritual Dimension of Wildcrafting – 4pages

Traditional Uses of Wild Plants in the East Mountains – 16pages

Wildcrafting – Advantages and Disadvantages – 2pages

Wildcrafting – An Introduction – 5pages

Wildcrafting for the Practical Herbalist – 9pages

Wilding Out Resource Guide – 4pages

Wild Plants Used in Folk Medicine – 104pages

Links to additional resources on Wildcrafting –



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* All PDF documents on this website were found freely available on the internet using one of the following –

Google PDF search

Google books

We have gathered and are sharing this information for the benefit of the public under the assumption that the author has placed his/her work into the public domain. If you are the author of any material on this website and wish us to remove your work please contact us and verify your authorship and we will promptly remove it.