Free Rammed Earth Construction Books

A Review of Rammed Earth Construction – 118pages

Building With Earth a Handbook – 74pages

Building With Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture – 198pages

Building with Earth – Testing Your Soil – 15pages

Building with Earth – Volume 1 – 80pages

Building with Earth – Volume 2 – 162pages

Building with Earth – Volume 3 – 74pages

Building Without Borders – 273pages

Construction Using Local Materials – 114pages

Design Guide For Frost Protected Shallow Foundations – 56pages

Earth for Homes – 80pages

Ferrocement – A Versatile Construction Material – 113pages

Finishing Recipes for Earth Walls – 3pages.pdf

Footings and Foundations – 10pages

Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes – 215pages

Handbook for Building Houses Out of Earth – 162pages

Lime Plaster – 11pages

Manual for Building the Rammed Earth Wall – 65pages

Methods of Natural Building – 22pages

Repairing Stone Foundations – 3pages

Rock and Stone Used in Foundations – 1page

Rubble Trench Foundation – 39pages.pdf

Rubble Trench Foundations – 2pages

Small Scale Lime Burning – 193pages

Small Scale Production of Cementitious Materials – 56pages

Soil Cement and Its Use in Building – 138pages

The Homeowners Guide to Natural Heating and Cooling – 147pages

Thermal Mass and R Value – 5pages

Links to additional resources and workshops on Rammed Earth construction –

The Rammed Earth House: Revised Edition

Rammed Earth: Design and Construction Guidelines

Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture

Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings: Design and Construction

Rammed Earth Structures: A Code of Practice

Rammed Earth House

Earth Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

Rammed earth walls for buildings

The Rammed Earth Experience

Manual for Building a Rammed Earth Wall

The Complete Guide to Building Affordable Earth-sheltered Homes

Earthbuilders Encyclopedia: The Master Alphabetical Reference for Adobe and Rammed Earth